Rocket City MakeUp

I wanted to share this little piece of history I’ve had with this product and why I love this product so much. I was 15 when I first started using this product and the trio I had was this amazing green, I don’t remember the name since I don’t have it anymore. I use to get so many compliments on wearing the eyeshadow trio and every time I mentioned the product no one ever heard of it. Well they use to carry this in sephora and for some odd reason they stopped. Last year in December I googled Rocket City and I found it again. WOOOOOHOOOOO well the down side was they didn’t have my favorite color, regardless I still bought all the colors they had left. I use to apply this with my fingers back then and I didnt use a primer either. Plus they had every single color of the rainbow. The pigment on the eyeshadow is awesome for what it was back then and it still is, but there are more products out there now that have more pigment.


I still love Rocket  City and I wish that they still carried the line. When they sold it in sephora they would sell the trio for 18$ Well guess what guys I found them on a web site for $1.99 so I bought every single color they had left and doubled the quantity since I know that this line is discontinued.


They also had this awesome Cosmic Blush cream that I loved so much. The cream blush was super workable and it came in two shades: Pink or Rose, and Gold. I used the gold back then for highlights and it left a shimmery glow that stood on all day!




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