China Glaze Nail Polish

I went and bought some China Glaze nail Polishes from a nail store by my house. I went and got almost every single nail polish color that they had. The owner of the store was kind enough to sell them to me for $1 since I was buying more than 5 lol. It was a great buy I mean the color of polishes were dead on, plus it didn’t leave those awkward streaks. I love love love them. On top of that I also bought the top base,  a straightener which has calcium to help the nails grow. These were 3$ and its definitely worth it. The fast drying nail drops by China glaze is so amazing compare to a 15$ sephora fast drying drops. I mean I love both products don’t get me wrong but I got the fast drying drops by china glaze for 4$. I was so happy!!!! Its really works and when you use it with the fast drying top coat and the base it even works better. My nail polish have not chipped at all, the scent of the nail polish isnt crazy strong, plus majority of their color line has nail hardeners which helps the polish dry faster. I love these nail polishes. Great buy plus I plan to use them on the photoshoots I do for beauty looks.




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