Annelise’s Pretty in Pink

Annelise Pretty in Pink

My inspiration for this look was from a bottle of nail polish that I recently bought. A lot of time went into creating this look, although it looks natural and simple. It was the attention to detail that made Annelise’s Pretty in Pink come all together for the photoshoot.

The basic concept was to do a supple clean pinks,golds, and purples to compliment the color of the nail polish and to also enhace the olive undertones of her skin.


I started of with prepping the skin; remove excess oils using make-up wipes, toner to tighten up pores, and an spf free moisturizer to alleviate the shine from the spf. Prepping the skin is important it allows the skin to absorb make-up easily.

The Base

I then used an oil control mattefying primer on the T-zone and a small amount on the apples of her cheek. This allows me to apply a smooth foundations base. I used a cream base foundation for her base, Since her skin is in great condition. I then concealed under the eyes to color correct the discoloration. I prepped her lips using a moisturizing lip balm to get rid of dry spots on her lips for an easy lip application.

Annelise has great face, I made sure that I brought out her natural features. Since she has amazing cheek bones I used a small amount of cream foundation a shade or 2 darker then her skin tone to contour and bring out her features. I used a translucent loose powder to set the foundation all over her face.


I am brow freak. lol. Its so important to tend the brows before any preparation for the eyes. The brows plays a huge role on the face, It shapes the face and it also draws attention to the eyes. Creating a clean brow is easy. I use a brow brush to brush the hair up, this creates the illusion of a small eye lift with out going under the needle. I use one shade of brown lighter than her natural hair color, using a small angled brush or brow brush I fill it in with an upward motion; this helps create a more natural looking eyebrow. I then use and eyebrow sealer, you can purchase an eyebrow sealer at any store, I normally don’t use brow gels because it takes to long time to dry, unless I’m doing a wet brow look. A cheap trick I do is hairspray, I spray the brow brush or a disposable mascara wand and apply it directly in an upward motion to the brows. Make sure not to over saturate the brush. This seals the color of the shadow and the brow hairs!


I prime the eyes with an eyeshadow primer if you don’t have one you can use a concealer. I use a irradecent eyeshadow called Shroom by M.A.C all over the eyelid and specially on the brow bone. I apply Sushi Flower and the Hello Kitty Nice Kitty pallette in Pink. I then used Gold Mine and Amberlights together for some highlights on the center of the lid. To enhance the crease I used the Nice Kitty in Pink to contour the crease bringing it further in to the the ridge line of her nose. all the products I mentioned right now you can get at M.A.C I wanted to give her eyes more drama, I used a Yaby eyeshadow pearl paint- eggplant

on the crease. I then lined her eyes with a kohl eye pencil in black, using a flat angled brush I went over the liner to smooth out the pencil line to give it a softer look. I curled the lashes and added lots of mascara.


I used a bronzer to give her a bit of glow all over the face and specially under the cheek bone to bring out her cheeks. I then used a peachy matte color blush called Immoral by Rock and Republic on her cheeks. I then used a loose gold shimmer powder on her cheek bones to bring out the Highlights.


I used Bobbi Brown in Flirt to line all over her lips. I filled it in with Hue and Jublee by M.A.C with a lip brush. To give a supple shine to her lips I used Lancomes Juicy Tubes in a clear pink in the center of her lips.


I used China Glaze- Sex on the beach.

This was the first look we did for the day.


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